Business services and SLA


In a nutshell, Business Services is a tool for availability monitoring of logical services. Company email, web site, server farm, call center - all are examples of logical services. Moreover, the services can be combined together to define a “broader” logical service. Company email, web site, name server and firewall all can be referred to as “Company Internet Services” and monitored for availability as a whole. So if the name server goes down then the “Company Internet Services” do not function properly as a whole. This feature can be used both for internal QA and external Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring.

Configuration and usage

For both configuration and monitoring use Business Service container in the Object Browser view.


Object Browser with Services


To define a new service select Create business service from the context menu in Object Browser and enter the service name. Then under newly created service you may want to define other services, checks or node links. You can examine or alter properties of the service.

If your service check relies on specific nodes then you need to create node links by selecting Create node link from the context menu:


Create Node Link

One or more service checks must be defined for every node link. Service check can be also defined at a business service level. In the latter case it is not connected to any particular node and can be used for some general calculations (e.g. based on some server stats). To create a check select Create service check from the context menu, enter the check name and navigate to Script tab in object properties:


Service Check Properties


All business service calculations performed in real time. The system calculates uptime values for a day, a week and a month for each business service defined. As soon as the uptime value changes it shows in the Object Details screen for the service:


Alternatively you can view the availability screen in a slightly different format by selecting Availability chart from the context menu.