Grafana integration

NetXMS Grafana integration provides the possibility to display important data using the Grafana platform and the NetXMS WebAPI.

Integration with Grafana

The NetXMS Grafana datasource provides an alternative way of monitoring to that of the NetXMS Web and Desktop consoles or the Android app, by using the Grafana platform and the NetXMS WebAPI.


The following prerequisites need to be set-up first:

A running instance of the NetXMS Server. A running instance of the NetXMS WebAPI. A running instance Grafana (more information in



For installation from source:

  1. Clone the NetXMS Grafana datasource GitHub repository from
  2. Copy the files from the repository to GRAFANA_HOME/data/plugins/datasources/netxms
  3. Restart your Grafana server.
  4. Login to your Grafana web interface and add the NetXMS datasource in the Data Sources section.


The datasource currently supports the following functionality:

  • Visualization of configured data collection items for objects in graphs and tables.
  • Listing of active alarms on a general or a per object basis



The data source can be configured in the data source management section in the Grafana web ui. The required settings are the base URL of the NetXMS WebAPI, the username and the password of an account that exists on your NetXMS server. It is suggested to create a dedicated account to be used with Grafana.

Alarm Browser


The data source provides the possibility to view currently active Alarms on all nodes or on a per node basis. To do this, you need to add a new Table Panel to your Grafana dashboard and then edit the Metrics section of the panel settings. If the NetXMS data source is set as the default data source, it should have been added to the panel automatically, if not, select the name of the installed NetXMS data source from the Panel data source list and press Add query to add the data source.`


Once the data source is added to the panel, it is necessary to set the necessary type of data for the data source to provide, in this case - Alarms.


After the data type has been set, you should see the active alarms appear on the table panel. If you wish to view alarms from specific nodes only, you can add multiple data sources to your table panel and for each specify the node you wish to see the active alarms of.


Data Collection Items


The data source provides the possibility to visualize metrics collected from data collection items configured on nodes. This can be achieved by adding a Graph Panel to your Grafana dashboard, adding the NetXMS data source to it and selecting the DCI data type in the Metrics section of the graph panel settings. Once this is done, it is possible to select the Target node from the list of targets which will then provide a list of the configured DCI`s for the particular node in the DCI section. By default, the legend of the data provided by the DCI will be the DCI`s description as configured on the server, it is also possible to set a legend of your choice by entering it in the Legend section.


It is possible to view multiple DCI`s on the same graph by adding multiple data sources to it.