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Latest Release, Version 3.7 December 30, 2020
  • Automatic bind rules for clusters
  • Improved clipboard support in web UI
  • Improved access control logic for enter/leave/schedule maintenance
  • Improved support for Cisco Nexus switches
  • Added command line tool nxaevent for sending events to server via local agent
  • Explicit boolean data type in NXSL
  • Multiple bugfixes

Debian / Ubuntu Packages

Both server and agent packages for all current versions of Debian and Ubuntu are available in our repository.

Check our Wiki for detailed guide.

Older versions can be found in archive.

Source Code

Package Signature Description
netxms-3.7.130.tar.gz MD5, GPG Source package
netxms-snapshot-develop.tar.gz MD5 Snapshot from GIT repository, generated hourly

Management Console Binaries

Platform Package Signature
Windows (x64) MD5, GPG
Linux (x64) nxmc-3.7.130-linux-gtk-x64.tar.gz MD5, GPG
Mac OS X nxmc-3.7.130.dmg MD5, GPG
Android netxms-console-3.7.130.apk MD5, GPG
Web interface (war) nxmc-3.7.130.war MD5, GPG
Web interface (windows installer) netxms-webui-3.7.130-x64.exe MD5, GPG

Server Binaries

Platform Package Signature
Windows (x64) netxms-server-3.7.130-x64.exe MD5, GPG

Agent Binaries

Platform Package Signature
Generic UNIX (source) nxagent-3.7.130.apkg NPI, MD5, GPG
Windows (x86) nxagent-3.7.130.exe NPI, MD5, GPG
Windows (x64) nxagent-3.7.130-x64.exe NPI, MD5, GPG
Generic Linux (x86) nxagent-3.7.130-linux-x86.apkg NPI, MD5, GPG
Generic Linux (x86) nxagent-3.7.130-linux-x86.tar.gz MD5, GPG
Generic Linux (x64) nxagent-3.7.130-linux-x86_64.apkg NPI, MD5, GPG
Generic Linux (x64) nxagent-3.7.130-linux-x86_64.tar.gz MD5, GPG
Generic Linux (arm) nxagent-3.7.130-linux-arm.apkg NPI, MD5, GPG
Generic Linux (arm) nxagent-3.7.130-linux-arm.tar.gz MD5, GPG
Generic Linux (static, x86) nxagent-3.7.130-linux-x86-static.tar.gz MD5, GPG
Generic Linux (static, x64) nxagent-3.7.130-linux-x86_64-static.tar.gz MD5, GPG
AIX (7.1 and higher) nxagent-3.7.130-aix7.1-ppc64.apkg NPI, MD5, GPG
AIX (7.1 and higher) nxagent-3.7.130-aix7.1-ppc64.tar.gz MD5, GPG
AIX (6.1 and higher) nxagent-3.7.130-aix6.1-ppc64.apkg NPI, MD5, GPG
AIX (6.1 and higher) nxagent-3.7.130-aix6.1-ppc64.tar.gz MD5, GPG
Solaris 11 (sparc) nxagent-3.7.130-solaris-sparc.apkg NPI, MD5, GPG
Solaris 11 (sparc) nxagent-3.7.130-solaris-sparc.tar.gz MD5, GPG
Solaris 11 (x86) nxagent-3.7.130-solaris-i386.apkg NPI, MD5, GPG
Solaris 11 (x86) nxagent-3.7.130-solaris-i386.tar.gz MD5, GPG

Reporting server

Package Signature Description MD5, GPG Reporting server

Integration tools

Package Signature Description
netxms-websvc-3.7.130.war MD5, GPG HTTP/REST API server
nxshell-3.7.130.jar MD5, GPG Python-based interactive shell and sripting engine
netxms-connector-3.7.130.jar MD5, GPG Jira plugin for integration with NetXMS

Java API

All Java API components are available in Maven Central Repository (package org.netxms).

Direct links: netxms-base, netxms-client.


pub   1024D/508EE698 2005-05-30
      Key fingerprint = B18B FBBC 6055 23AF 1AA0  7263 236B 4AEF 508E E698
uid                  NetXMS Security Officer

Download it here or at

Make sure that you have the right key, either by checking the fingerprint of that key with other sources or by checking that the key has been signed by a trustworthy other key.