Open-source network and infrastructure monitoring and management system
NetXMS provides performance and availability monitoring with flexible event processing, alerting, reporting and graphing for all layers of IT infrastructure.
Operating on extra-large networks with thousands of servers.
Highly customisable
Can easily be integrated with various third-party products.
Full support for Windows and most UNIX systems.
Industry standard encryption and flexible access control.
Latest Release, Version 3.8 February 10, 2021
  • Improved reporting server
  • Support for key based SSH authentication
  • Improved data collection via web services
  • Improved network topology discovery
  • Snooze timer for actions in event processing policy
  • New NXSL functions and methods
  • Server stability and performance improvements
  • Multiple bugfixes

In-depth network monitoring

  • Automatic Layer 2 and Layer 3 discovery, visualization and search of the connected components
  • Full SNMPv3 support
  • Active discovery with scanning probes
  • Passive discovery based on information from monitored devices - ARP and routing tables, interfaces

Application and Server monitoring

  • All the basic metrics you would expect: CPU, file systems, I/O, memory, traffic
  • JMX bridge for monitoring Java applications
  • Application specific extensions: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DB2, Tuxedo, and many more
  • Integration API for in-house applications

Designed for large networks in mind

  • Single server can monitor hundreds of metrics on thousands of devices
  • Full support for distributed monitoring and horizontal scaling
  • Overlapping IP subnets monitoring
  • Flexible access control for operators and customers

And more

Everything is automated

Wide range of actions, flexible thresholds and custom scripting when your imagination is even wilder than ours.


All communications are encrypted with AES265 and authenticated. Access control down to the specific metric.

Flexible data collection

Everything is a datasource – SNMP, NetXMS agent, your application of a script. Once collected, filter or convert values before they are processed further.

NetXMS is a platform

It's not just a network monitoring and management NetXMS is our foundation for ATM, payment switches, and industrial plants monitoring.


It does not matter how complex your network is – with NetXMS can always find a way. NAT penetration as well as proxy for SNMP, ICMP, and native protocol.

Remote management

Send SNMP SET commands, run applications remotely, transfer files (even in bulk) or just take a screenshot to see how system operates (if there is a screen).