File meta information

Monitoring of file system is implemented by OS subagents. Full description of this functions can be found there. There is provided option to get file hash, creation, last edit and other timestamps, file size and number of files in the directory. In this sections will be shown only the most commonly used configurations.


In examples will be shown only DCI configuration with threshold. Generated event processing options can be found in Event processing chapter.

Example 1

In this example will be shown how to check that specific folder exceed specified size.

Create DCI for File.Size(*) metric to monitor folder size. Required parameters: /path,*,1.


In threshold it should be checked that last value is less than 2 GB. That mean that returned value should be less than 2 000 000 000 bytes.



Example 2

In this example will be configured monitoring that in exact folder exist files that was modified less then half an hour ago.

Create DCI for File.Count(*) metric to monitor file count in folder /path, that match any pattern, folder should be checked recursively, file match any size, files are created less than 30 minutes ago. This conditions will be given to metric as this parameters: path,*,1,0,-1800.


In threshold it should be checked that at least one file meeting conditions exists. That mean that file count should be more than 1. Prerequisite is to create 2 events.





As in message of error is used Instance parameter, it should be set in Threshold window.